I was overwhelmed trying to potty training my son for preschool, this saved the day, and made the process so much easier. Made him a rock star haha.

Sienna H.

I debated between the princess one and the one that plays a song. My daughter loves music so went with that. She literally skips on the way to the loo. So cute.


My older potty trained kids wanted one, said how come she gets one. They are really cool and great quality.


I loved not having to constantly remind my 2 year old to go potty, really fun.

Angel O.

This is potty training magic. My kid loves the potty club videos.


My daughter is now potty princess trained but still won’t take it off! Love!

Jenny G

Bye bye diapers, I wish I had used this with my other children. Made potty training so much easier, and yes, fun, as it say!


My kids loved the watch and the website is a great motivator, loved the videos

Lisa D.

I was afraid I was going to have to send my five-year-old to kindergarten in diapers… We tried everything!!! PottyFun Gadget is what finally worked! He loved the spy potty mission stuff and wont stop watching the videos. Greatquality and even better results!

Amy S.

Very happy with this product. We tried cheaper versions and were NOT happy. One got wet when my son washed his hands and died. Quality product, there is definitely a difference.  

Renny P.

Got the princess watch, my daughter loves it, and keeps waiting for it to go off so she can twirl to the potty. Wow



Heidi S.

Highly recommend this watch. My son loved the reward videos and the reminders. Made potty training a breeze! Thank you PottyFun! 

Marcy J.

Boys can be stubborn with the potty training thing and my son is a bit older than most. This got his attention, and he does the spy stuff on the way to the potty. He loves the little spy video, and giggles every time he hears the plop at the end. End of frustration—finally. 

Becky J

This is genius!! Made my most dreaded activity, potty training, so much fun!Thank you, great product and great quality. 

Sarah B.

LOVED this! ❤such a breeze when compared to the challenges of potty training my first three children. With my youngest Princess, potty training was potty fun MAGICAL!! 


Bought this for my twin grandsons and my daughter is thrilled! They both can’t wait to put them on in the morning! No accidents or tears and its working!! Thank you! 

Julie W.

I guess I can really say they did make potty traing fun, caused it worked, and I still laugh when I watch him. It also actually fits a toddler. I am sold. 

Nichole C

My daughter was hesitant to spend money on this so grandma stepped in and I bought it. It has been so fun to watch my grandson with this. My daughter admits mom was right. And I think I enjoy watching the videos as much as he does. The videos are darling, but I could do with out the rock and roll one. I love the gadget thing. 


my daughter flat out loves the princess watch. she begs to put it on, and dances to the potty every time it goes off. royal princess on the royal potty throne…whatever it takes. she loves it. I can’t believe how fast this worked and how much fun my “Secret Agent” son enjoys it!! PHENOMENAL PRODUCT!! 


wow. super creative fun way to handle a the not so fun chore of potty training. my child watches the videos over and over, and mimics what he sees when the mission is activated. thought I had seen everything. nope. love this.