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Princess Potty Potty Fun™ Gadget


The PINK Potty Fun™ Gadget has a Potty Princess theme. Our patented and trademarked Potty Fun™Gadgets make Potty Training FUN, Interactive and Imaginative for your child!Each Potty Fun™ Gadget has a fun, theme-based timer to help your child remember and want to go potty. After counting down from selected interval (30, 60 or 90) minutes, the PINK Potty Fun™ Gadget alerts the child it is time to go potty with a Potty Princess message and simultaneously flashes lights. You can hear how the Potty Princess is reminded to go potty by listening to the PINK Potty Fun™ Gadget on the home page and watching the accompanying Potty Princess video. Fits child wrist size of approximately 5 inches to 6 ¼ inches.

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