Potty Fun™ Tools to Help Kids Learn Better

PottyFun ™ Gadgets are simple to use with three countdown settings: 30,60 and 90 minutes. After each countdown, PottyFun™ Gadget automatically resets and starts a new countdown.

Choose from several super – awesome PottyFun™ Gadget themes that best fit your child’s personality:

  • Potty Spy Mission
  • Princess Potty
  • Skip to my Loo music theme

Each PottyFun™ Gadget reminds your child, in a fun and interactive way, that it is time to go potty.

PottyFun™ Gadget s are designed with your toddler’s safety in mind. It is made of a comfortable, high quality silicone as one complete piece; there are no buckles or clips that may come off and cause injury .

PottyFun™ Gadget s are designed specifically to fit a toddler’s wrist of roughly 5 inches to 6 ¼ inches, which means you will not be left with 2 – 3 inches of extra band hanging off the side of your child’s wrist. The band is also designed so the end tucks back inside the opposite end of the band.

As the #1 (and #2) name in potty training fun™, PottyFun™ Gadgets help your child remember and want to go POTTY!

And Remember, at PottyFun.com™, poopin’ is a blast!™