Potty Fun™ Gadgets

We are the #1 (and #2) name in Potty Training FUN!™ Our patented and trademarked Potty Fun™ Gadgets make Potty Training FUN, Interactive and Imaginative for your child! Each Potty Fun™ Gadget has a fun, theme-based timer to help your child remember and want to go potty. After counting down from selected interval (30, 60 or 90) minutes, your Potty Fun™ Gadget will flash lights, and play a theme-based message or song reminding your child it is time to potty.

Customers tell us it works—really works!

There are a number of options depending on what might work best with your child’s personality. You can choose a theme-based Potty Fun™ Gadget, or one that simply plays a song:

  • Blue: Spy Potty Mission theme
  • Pink: Potty Princess theme
  • Green: Skip to My Loo song

And Remember, at PottyFun.com™, poopin’ is a blast!™

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Potty Fun™ Design & Quality

PottyFun.com™ Gadgets are one-of- kind products specifically designed for small children. Everything from the fit, right down to the comfortable, flexible, kid-friendly material, makes this one of the most unique and highest quality products on the market.

And Remember, at PottyFun.com™, poopin’ is a blast!™

Potty Fun™ Rewards

In addition to super awesome Potty Fun™ Gadgets, we have several Potty  Fun™ Reward games to engage and encourage your child to continue with the Potty Training process.

  • Super Spy Puzzle
  • Princess Potty Puzzle
  • Farm Animals Puzzle
  • Cool Rides Puzzle
  • Cats and Dogs Puzzle

Each time they successfully go to the Potty, they unlock another piece of a puzzle. Each puzzle piece can be unlocked when you type the word “potty.”

As they unlock each piece of the puzzle, they earn a reward, and after they unlock all six puzzle pieces, they get to watch a video featuring the child’s version of the Potty Song—different than the Potty Song on the Home page.

You can even print a Golden Potty Prize Ticket for your child that shows the reward they’ve earned. We’ve found that kids love this, and with the Potty Fun™ progress they make, you’ll love it too!

And Remember, at PottyFun.com™, poopin’ is a blast!™